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I discovered Shoppers Discount has been charging me 12.00 per month on my credit card.I never authorized this and have absolutely no idea how they obtained my cc number.

Since my daughter uses the same card for legitimate college expenses and doesn't always tell me what she ordered I never noticed the extra charge for something that had appeared legitimate.

I have subsequently discovered that this company pulls this scam on other consumers, hoping they do not notice.MasterCard provided minimal help, as they tell me they only cancel the last charge, not previous ones which had been paid.

Monetary Loss: $12.

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I to was caught in this scam.I called Shoppers Discount and was told I was enrolled when I accepted a Pizza Hut discount - how disgusting.

Also, the person I talked to told me I have been receiving monthly emails telling me the $12.00 was being charged to my checking account, a statement this is an outright LIE!I am also going to file a complaint against this company.


:( Got the same situation.I'm pissed!

How can they just charge membership fee without my approval?!

I mean this can be called a crime.I gonna tell everyone never touch their prompt window and never trust them.


In case anyone is interested in a contrarian view here…..I was signed up for Shopper Discounts and Rewards when they called me on my cell phone.

They convinced me with a 30-day money-back guarantee. I used my membership pretty much immediately and was credited with a little bit of cash back due to my purchases. Of course, I then forgot all about it and the 30 days passed without a thought. When I saw the $12.95 monthly membership fee show up on my card I had to trace it through the credit card company before I remembered signing up.

I then decided I was going o cancel it. I did so and got no hassle from customer service. However, I was not going to get the $12.95 back, so I decided to try to use the service for the balance of my membership time so as to mitigate the $12.95. To my surprise, I discovered that the membership worked for me.

Then one day I went to use it and discovered that my membership had lapsed (according to schedule). So I actually called Shopper Discounts and Rewards and signed back up. This was January '09 and I have been a member ever since. How I insure that it works for me is as follows.

I take advantage of the monthly deal where you can buy up to $100 dollars worth of gift card for $80 (I get four $25 dollar gas cards for $20 each). Then I take advantage of the $10 monthly bonus that you can get by using the service at least once during the month (a requirement which the aforementioned gift cards purchase...

What I usually do is shop the web outside the service for whatever product I am interested in, note the 3 or 4 best deals that I find, and then log into the service to see if any of those 3 or 4 vendors are affiliated with the service. I find that around half the time I get the best deal through Shopper Discounts and Rewards. For example, the other day I found Quicken 2010 on Intuit's website for $20 off ($39.99) – the best deal I could find that looked legit. I then went to Shopper Discounts and Rewards and discovered that Intuit is affiliated with the service.

So I got the $20 Intuit discount plus was credited for an additional 15% cash back by linking to Intuit through Shopper Discounts and Rewards. So after more than a year and a half as a member, if I am getting scammed, I’d like someone to explain how – I have yet to see any truly bogus credit card charges as a result of my membership. To make this membership (and those like it) work for you, you just need to maybe plan your purchases a little more and be willing to do a little bit extra work. Most people probably won’t do this and their membership fees are subsidizing the rest of us I guess.

C’est la vie.I am sticking with Shopper Discounts and Rewards until it no longer works for me.

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Update on my ongoing argument with Shoppersdiscount: They informed us that in April they refunded 36.00 of the total of 84.00 they charged me since last year.They refunded only 24.00, not the 36.00 they said.

They indicated they will refund another 48.00 after I kept complaining. We'll see.

We were also told they had sent confirming e-mails last year.I can only say we never received a single indication - not in our e-mails nor in spam - we had signed up for this.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #145996

I just found out Shoppers Discount was charging me $12 a month on my charge card!This has been going on for more than a year.

My husband thought It was something I had suscribed to. Not so! I never heard of Shoppers Discount until just now. I called their number and they refunded the last 4 payments right away, and to try and get the rest of the money they took without my approval, I have to submit an "unauthorized charge affidavit." We'll see what happens.

They tell me I signed up when I made a FTD flower order online....not so.

Somehow I believe they tapped in to or with FTD and got my credit card number.No more ordering flowers on line!!!!!



I just read your post and want to give you an official response on behalf of our company. It’s important to me that your concerns are addressed and that your issue is resolved. If you have questions or feedback, please contact our customer service team at 1-800-889-8776. Alternatively, you can contact me directly at If you contact me directly, please reference this post.




Re: My earlier complaint

I contacted Shopper's Discount, which told me they will refund three months worth of charges - not that I have yet received it of course.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #135442

:( i to never approved this fee either and my lord its been like 2 years how iin *** did they get my info??i called my police and bbb.

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